Moving content from Drupal7 to another Drupal7


1. build your structure in your new D7 same as old D7

2. export your fields with bundle_copy and import them in new D7

3. export your data with data_export_import module and import them in new D7

Counter module Column 'nid' cannot be null


Counter module url length problem

Module name : Counter
Version: 7.x-1.0-beta3

When content url path set to : blahlah/[node:title] and length is more than 255 the problem happened.

Adding Captcha to your webforms

we want add captcha to our webform, for example your webform node ID is 100.

Just add webform_client_form_100 in your captcha module Form protection section.

Password Separate Form

The Password Separate Form module provides the separate password change form. By default it comes with user account page that little bit confusing for end users. This module would help to make this form as a separate form to help end users, there is no need to change these fields every time if you are editing some other fields on user account page.