imceimage D6 and Migrate D7/D8

If you are using IMCEIMAGE module must follow this instruction before upgrade your D6 to D7/D8 !

Error while you want to migrate cck field : "Missing field module: 'imceimage'. This field cannot be migrated."

Migrates imceimage cck fields to filefield or imagefield cck fields. All referenced files will be copied to the drupal files directory, in a specified subdirectory.


Migrating taxonomy terms while preserving term IDs

In the base DrupalTermMigration class (migrate_d2d/taxonomy.inc):

preserve nids during a migration

This is actually easy to do. In the prepare() function of the node migration class, just set the nid and is_new to true:

Moving content from Drupal7 to another Drupal7


1. build your structure in your new D7 same as old D7

2. export your fields with bundle_copy and import them in new D7

3. export your data with data_export_import module and import them in new D7