Commerce/Rules - Multiply the price by a custom field value

1) Before you can call your field under actions, you have to bring it "into scope" under conditions. Select "Entity has field". Under data selectors choose "commerce-product (saved commerce product).

2) For some reason, it seems impossible to use the "Multiple the Unit Amount by" option, as no matter what data selector you use, you will get an error. Instead select "Calculate a value"

3) Under "Input Value 1" select "commerce-product:commerce-price:amount".

4) Select which calculation to use. In my use case, I used multiply (*).

Duplicate commerce items when using attributes in taxonomy page

When products have multiple attributes, created multiple copies of the same product with different attribute and linked them to a content product display node.
By doing so, every single product of the attribute is showing once on category page. How do I remove the duplicates?

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