BOS+ Toolbox

Check pool status and restart BOSminer with Toolbox

2 minute read Published: 2021-08-20

The pool URLs in the Braiins OS+ and mostly all firmwares are failover for each other and if the first pool deads, the second one will work.

Print out the miner hardware ID and IP in Braiins OS+

1 minute read Published: 2021-08-01

With the installed Braiins OS+, all devices get a uniq identifier ID called Hardware ID, in some case you need to find out the Hardware ID and the related IP.

Switch DHCP to Static IP in batch with BOS+ Toolbox and luci command

1 minute read Published: 2021-06-23

In some case we need to chamge DHCP IP to Static IP in our network, the idea is we get the currenct miners IP and set it to the device as a static IP in Braiins OS+.