imceimage D6 and Migrate D7/D8

If you are using IMCEIMAGE module must follow this instruction before upgrade your D6 to D7/D8 !

Error while you want to migrate cck field : "Missing field module: 'imceimage'. This field cannot be migrated."

Migrates imceimage cck fields to filefield or imagefield cck fields. All referenced files will be copied to the drupal files directory, in a specified subdirectory.


  1. 1. Install filefield and imceimage_2_filefield modules in the normal way.
  2. 2. Optionally install imagefield module.
  3. 3. Grant "administer imceimage_2_filefield" permissions - /admin/user/permissions
  4. 4. Configure and run - admin/settings/imceimage_2_filefield

You should prevent any content editing while this process is running.
You should NOT trust this module will migrate your data perfectly. If it fails you must restore your site from a backup. Test on a copy! Make backups!

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