Moving content from Drupal7 to another Drupal7


1. build your structure in your new D7 same as old D7

2. export your fields with bundle_copy and import them in new D7

3. export your data with data_export_import module and import them in new D7

  1. - exported dataset files save in /sites/default/files/data_export_import/ [ /users /taxonomy_terms /nodes] folders
  2. - copy or move dataset files with the same folders to new D7

4. copy your files directory to new D7 files directory.

  1. in ssh commandline: cp -rf /home/xxx/public_html/old/sites/default/files/ /home/xxx/public_html/new/sites/default/files/

5. Run import by drupal interface at or use drush command(same as below example).
-Import dataset files

  1. drush data_export_import-import -u 1 users --file=xxxxxxxxxx_users_xxx.dataset
  2. drush data_export_import-import -u 1 taxonomy_terms --file=xxxxxxxxxx_taxonomy_terms_xxx.dataset
  3. drush data_export_import-import -u 1 nodes --file=xxxxxxxxxx_nodes_xxx.dataset

Tips :

  1. - Export and import data with priority : 1.users 2.taxonomy_terms 3.nodes
  3. - Dump your database in every import step.
  4. drush sql-dump --result-file=/home/behsalva/public_html/beta/sites/backup.sql
  5. Required Commands:
  7. - change below configs if your dataset file is BIG:
  8. 1.set memory_limit in settings.php :
  9. ini_set('memory_limit', '1024M');
  11. 2. set wait_time in my.cnf:
  12. wait_time= 600

Required Modules:

  1. Bundle_copy
  2. to export and import content types and vocabuary structures
  5. data_export_import
  6. to export and import users, taxonomys, nodes data
  9. And all other modules use in your content types fields.

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