Duplicate commerce items when using attributes in taxonomy page

When products have multiple attributes, created multiple copies of the same product with different attribute and linked them to a content product display node.
By doing so, every single product of the attribute is showing once on category page. How do I remove the duplicates?

All Solutions:

Solution One:

  1. In views advanced setting enable Distinct at Query settings

Solution Two:

  1. Use aggregation but it is complicated ! :]
  2. If enabled, some fields may become unavailable. All fields that are selected for grouping will be collapsed to one record per distinct value. Other fields which are selected for aggregation will have the function run on them. For example, you can group nodes on title and count the number of nids in order to get a list of duplicate titles.

Soltion Three:

  1. add filter to your view: field_product_reference:delta = 0
  2. JUST IT!

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