Find some string in directory wit ssh

use this command to fine 'some string here' and list all files in output.txt

Change Files and Folder permision

Run in your root ssh

for directories :

How to use MySQL Tuner Script

Connect to server by root ssh.

Download Mysql Tuner to server:

  1. wget

Install Package:

Install Drush on your sever with Composer (without bleeding)

Follow this steps on your ssh command line with root access.

Step1. Install Composer Globally - One Drush for all Projects

Empty mail inbox with ssh

if you want clear mail inbox from ssh , cd to mail directory and use this in your ssh command line:

rm -rf new
rm -rf cur

This article is updated for too many files deleting...

GHOST: glibc gethostbyname buffer overflow

During a code audit performed internally at Qualys, we discovered a buffer overflow in the __nss_hostname_digits_dots() function of the GNU C Library (glibc). This bug is reachable both locally and remotely via the gethostbyname*() functions, so we decided to analyze it -- and its impact -- thoroughly, and named this vulnerability "GHOST".

Solution is running command in your server's ssh:
RED HAT , CentOS , Clodulinux
yum -y update glibc