5 Mistakes to avoid on your Drupal website

Drupal is one of the most flexible content management systems in existence.
This ebook provides best practices in five crucial areas of building and maintaining an effective Drupal site.
Acquia’s consulting staff has discerned patterns of mistakes as they have audited numerous Drupal sites. In this ebook, you’ll benefit from lessons learned through those Acquia site audits.
⎼ Architecture: Best practices for structuring content, how to build the display, and how to organize functionality.

4 Easy Steps to Configure Drupal to Send HTML Emails

Learn how to configure Drupal to send out HTML emails. Also, learn how to add images and colours to email in order to enhance your user's experience.

We are going to use mail system and mime mail in this tutorial. I will try to keep things simple.

Step 1: Install Required Modules and Update Configuration

Drush useful commands cheatsheet

imceimage D6 and Migrate D7/D8

If you are using IMCEIMAGE module must follow this instruction before upgrade your D6 to D7/D8 !

Error while you want to migrate cck field : "Missing field module: 'imceimage'. This field cannot be migrated."

Migrates imceimage cck fields to filefield or imagefield cck fields. All referenced files will be copied to the drupal files directory, in a specified subdirectory.


Use drush to disable all non-core modules

Use Drush to quickly disable all non-core modules:

drush pml --no-core --type=module --status=enabled --pipe | xargs drush -y dis

Migrating taxonomy terms while preserving term IDs

In the base DrupalTermMigration class (migrate_d2d/taxonomy.inc):

preserve nids during a migration

This is actually easy to do. In the prepare() function of the node migration class, just set the nid and is_new to true:

Moving content from Drupal7 to another Drupal7


1. build your structure in your new D7 same as old D7

2. export your fields with bundle_copy and import them in new D7

3. export your data with data_export_import module and import them in new D7

Commerce/Rules - Multiply the price by a custom field value

1) Before you can call your field under actions, you have to bring it "into scope" under conditions. Select "Entity has field". Under data selectors choose "commerce-product (saved commerce product).

2) For some reason, it seems impossible to use the "Multiple the Unit Amount by" option, as no matter what data selector you use, you will get an error. Instead select "Calculate a value"

3) Under "Input Value 1" select "commerce-product:commerce-price:amount".

4) Select which calculation to use. In my use case, I used multiply (*).

Counter module Column 'nid' cannot be null